"In the Topsy Turvy world of treatments this DVD demonstrates and can help you understand the types of treatment that are practiced and available for Arthritis. The DVD discussed orthodox and complementary therapies and how an integration of these therapies can help with the control of arthritis. It has a stylish approach with extensive information from very experienced and specialised experts who explain the condition and many of the approaches used for better management of Arthritis. There is nothing else out there that gives filmed information from this viewpoint. The DVD is a step in the right direction." -  Kathy Sykes, Manchester


"Watched Diabetes last night and was very impressed with the excellent way the subject matter had been presented." -   A.D. London


"Thanks for the Asthma video. It was very interesting and incredibly professional looking I might add. It had lots of useful information and it was so helpful to be able to see all these different experts. I think it has certainly saved me a huge amount of time, money and energy. There was plenty of "do it now" information and a nice mixture of research, patient stories and expert testimonies/advice. It's a month since I watched the DVD and I DON'T HAVE ASTHMA ANYMORE!  Keep up the great work, you should be proud." - J. Marquass, Shanghai, China.




"The Barefoot Doctor is entertaining, witty and informative"

“Sometimes we are unable to navigate a clear direction on the path to life. [The Barefoot Doctor] can help direct you towards the path of inner peace, positivity and contentment. An excellent spiritual guide.” Danny Rampling, DJ/Producer

'[After one hour of healing], the sense of lifted spirits and serenity is overwhelming.' VOGUE

“Funny, wise and provocative.” SUNDAY PEOPLE

“Sensitive and peculiar English warrior of the psyche has arrive to soothe our everyday angsts.” THE GUARDIAN

"A charismatic figure with a calming way (of helping his charges) … one to catch." TIME OUT

“He answers all kinds of modern-day ills with his Taoist wisdom…and a huge dose of humour.” MARIE CLAIRE HEALTH & BEAUTY

"Barefoot Doctor is the modern day equivalent of a nomadic healer (but he's also got) enough charm and humour to make palatable at least some of the pseudospiritual psychobabble his vocation involves" DAILY TELEGRAPH


"I am wholly convinced that the integrated health approach has the power to really make immense difference to many peoples' lives and to our society as a whole." HRH The Prince of Wales

"Dr Ali is the eighth wonder of the world" -Tara Palmer Tomkinson

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