For allergy sufferers, an alternative to shots
Los Angeles Times, CA, 15 May 2006

Obesity-Linked Lung Stress May Trigger Asthma, Pakistan - 13 May 2006

FDA sets strong warnings for asthma drug labels
Reuters - USA
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The US Food and Drug Administration said on Monday that product labels for three popular asthma medications have been updated to state

No need to wheeze: Asthma tips offered
The Free Lance-Star, VA - 13 May 2006

Diabetes figures 'alarming'
ABC Online, Australia - 13 May 2006

Diabetes epidemic exposed in new study - 270 diagnosed a day in Australia
ABC Online, Australia - 14th May 2006

Radical Experimental Asthma Treatment Zaps Airways
WXii - Winston-Salem,NC,USA - 23 May 2006
WASHINGTON -- Doctors are testing an experimental asthma treatment that actually burns off muscle tissue blocking air passages. ...

Bubble Method Developed For Treating Type-I Diabetes
All Headline News - USA - 24 May 2006
Houston, TX (AHN)-- Researchers in the US have found a new method for potential treatment of type-I diabetes. It involves delivering ...

Salt air helps patients with asthma
Reuters - USA
... Breathing salt dust in a chamber coated with salt for 40 minutes a day seems to improve the airway tightening experienced by people with asthma, according to a ...